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Special Lending Division

RRML has created a special lending platform for high-networth clients nationally and internationally with special financing needs.

Loans are available for Artwork, Precious Metal, Portfolio Loans, Private Aircraft, Private Yacht, Estate Loans and more from

$10 Million with no upper limit.  Private consulting available by contacting Len Robins, Private Lending Division 201-731-4811 or 

email: lenr@rrml.us.com

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Portfolio Lender Groups

We have developed some of the strongest portfolio lender relationships in the industry. The banks and institutional investors we work with offer a streamlined process with more flexible repayment options.

Capital Markets & Large Loan Group

Succeeding on a larger scale takes expertise and connection with the right resources. RRML takes the lead in funding all transactions in excess of $25 million and ensures that each transaction is completed in a timely manner.

Mezzanine Finance Group

Mezzanine financing is complex, and requires a high level of seasoned structuring expertise. Our team has that experience, whether it's partnership debt, preferred equity, or a B-note structure. We have successfully worked with several transactions using a combination of junior and senior mezzanine classes. This enables you to get better financing costs, no matter your needs. We can deliver a mezzanine solution built just for you.

Construction Financing Solutions

RRML CAPITAL RESOURCES can provide the specialized necessary for construction financing solutions. No matter what type of project you are involved in, trust us to provide the perfect solution for any size, scope, or location for new construction and redevelopment projects. Our packages include features such as non-recourse, high loan-to-cost ratios, a fast-track process, and much more.

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