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Long Term Financing Fort Lee, NJ

Permanent Long-Term Financing

RRML CAPITAL RESOURCES is a leader in placing permanent long-term financing for all property types. Permanent financing requires the lenders' confidence in the quality and performance of a real estate asset as well as its sponsors. RRML Capital has a proven long-term relationship with the leading lenders that allow us to efficiently address your financing needs with our lending sources. Acquiring permanent long-term financing with RRML lenders will result in a transaction with favorable rates and terms available in the market.

Acquisition Loan Financing

RRML Capital excels in arranging financing for our clients who need acquisition financing even when faced with unknown challenges.  A number of obstacles can occur when acquiring a property. Whether it’s a lack of historical information, excessive violations, title issues or a challenging credit profile. RRML Capital understands how to address these challenges in order to eliminate problems before they occur.  Working with RRML Capital on your next acquisition loan will provide you with the confidence you need to commit to making decisions.

Acquisition Loan Financing Fort Lee, NJ

Short-term bridge financing

Short-Term Bridge Financing

Interim financing can provide real estate investors with financial solutions for a variety of challenging situations. Short-term bridge financing is available with our lenders in a number of structures and options.  The seasoned professionals at RRML Capital can help you navigate these alternatives to provide the most favorable terms for your investment needs. Bridge loans are often associated with time-sensitive situations and RRML will expedite the process and secure the funding you need.   RRML prides itself on long-term client relationships and has a proven track record of repositioning short-term financing to a permanent long-term structure when the time is right.

Structured Joint Venture Financing

Over the years, RRML has used Structured Joint-Venture Financing to help our clients maximize cash flow potential for different projects.  Borrowers do not always start out looking for partners, but sometimes recognize the value over traditional debt-financing. Structured Joint-Venture Financing can be complicated and is not appropriate for all projects. We will advise our clients appropriately and find financing for their projects.

Structured Joint Venture Financing Fort Lee, NJ

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Construction Financing

RRML Capital  Resources has a proven record to be at the forefront of arranging construction financing for office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes, retail and industrial facilities.  The company secured millions of dollars in construction financing throughout many market cycles for a wide variety of investment real estate projects.   

Mezzanine Financing

RRML Capital professionals will help you determine if mezzanine financing may be appropriate for your project.  The company has relationships with a variety of mezzanine lenders and preferred equity partners who can provide the funding you need expeditiously.

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