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Effective Loan Products & Mortgages for Any Project

Count on the professional team at RRML CAPITAL RESOURCES to design mortgages, construction loans, and mezzanine loans to meet your goals. No matter the project you have in mind, our dedicated professionals can structure a loan product from our extensive range of options, partners, and lenders to ensure the funding you need is in place. Visit us in Paramus, New Jersey, to learn how we can help you get your project moving forward. Most of our loans are based on US Treasury Notes, LIBOR, and the Wall Street Prime Rate, so you always know what you're getting when you sign the agreement.

Fixed Rate Loans

These loans are a staple of the mortgage industry. Thanks to our deep relationships with lenders, we can offer fixed rates and ensure you feel secure knowing that your rate will never change.

Construction Loans

These short-term loans are used by borrowers to finance the cost of building. Every construction loan will vary based on the product, the length of the building process, and your experience. We can help you find the best source, rate, and term for your specific project.

Bridge Loan Options

We offer a range of short-term financing solutions that can be accessed for complex, challenging situations in terms of timing and product. Bridge loans are designed to be paid back relatively quickly, and make key components to some long-term strategies for real estate borrowers. We have a wide range of sources for these loans, and can ensure that you know all the nuances and conditions of using them.

Couple Reviewing Architectural Plans

Building Renovation Facade

Forward Commitment

These unique loan products continue to grow in popularity in the current real estate climate. This involves a commitment by a lender to make a loan in the future, often with a predetermined interest rate. Our skilled team has many resources for forward commitment loans, and the experience necessary to obtain the optimal structure for you.

Renovation & Repositioning

These options are similar to construction loans and may involve financing for the specific purpose of upgrading an existing property. Our lending professionals are able to help borrowers present their renovation program to the right lending source, and to plan and consummate transactions in a timely manner.

Mortgage Advisory Services

Trust us to provide insight into current market trends and changes in the commercial mortgage marketplace around the world. Become a member of our informed group of investors, developers, builders, and contractors who need to make prudent investment decisions when making an acquisition, or when starting a construction project.

As a member of our Advisory Service Group, you will stay informed about the changes in the market place. This allows you to make an informed decision on how to position your project to take advantage of 1031 exchange programs, how you can enjoy tax abatement, and investment tax credits. You'll also have access to a title service and much more, allowing you to make the most of your investment. It also allows you to make important decisions, like the uses of your property. Members also have the option of making unlimited inquiries of our trained real estate advisors to get answers to their questions Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.